Friday, 14 March 2014

The real balance!!

In today’s professional world, business and working class life, one of the most important criteria for success is the balance between personal and professional life. The rigour of the professional life will surely at many points of times hit your personal life in a worse manner. If we are not careful and alert from the inception stage of this issue, the results although slowly but steadily will have an adverse affect on your personal relationships, health, personal time and development and life enjoyment. Striking the balance between the personal and professional life is easy said than done in practice, but if we are tactical and organized for maintaining the balance, the results are just joyous in nature. Being a bachelor or spinster will provide extra time for professional matters but the practice to strike balance has to commence from this stage itself.

In our life we usually perform and spent a very significant portion of our time for the things we are supposed to do (responsibility) and keep a very low portion for the things we love to do (enjoyment). Mixing the love to perform with the compulsory act will create a style of the person in life. Love your work and perform it in your manner to satisfy yourself (ie. keep ‘yourself’ as the parameter) will lead to excellence in your work and will gain you value for sure before others. As is said, the high level performance without expecting applause and positive results is seen by the God and he places the ranking for it before others. One key thing to understand in the professional life is the ‘volume of time spent’ matters very less compared to the ‘quality of time spent’. In the reverse, if time spent on an assignment is more, it shows the lesser effectiveness of the person (unless it is a clerical job).

Place the personal life as the first priority, because you have only one life to live and chill out. The professional life has to be synchronized with your personal life in manner that doesn’t affect your personal life adversely. If you have early morning commitments or late night commitments (which cannot be for 7 days a week for 365 days), use the other days to gain back your personal life. Also on the day of the commitment, do something personal to satisfy your earlier said prioritization. Planning and organizing your professional life can easily create the time for your personal life. Attend your personal calls at the break time, do not forget your regular diet (on time) and exercise, lower your official gossips, spend time for personal development (including new job search, new certifications, reading etc) in your daily work life are some matters which can surely create the balance. Do not bring work at home without high end requirement. When you are at your work, enjoy your work without interruption. Ensure with constant pace of time that professional life is quality oriented (with self appraisal at regular intervals) and brings you in demand in the place you are working.

As said by Sir Abraham Lincoln “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in yours years.”


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