Friday, 14 March 2014

The real balance!!

In today’s professional world, business and working class life, one of the most important criteria for success is the balance between personal and professional life. The rigour of the professional life will surely at many points of times hit your personal life in a worse manner. If we are not careful and alert from the inception stage of this issue, the results although slowly but steadily will have an adverse affect on your personal relationships, health, personal time and development and life enjoyment. Striking the balance between the personal and professional life is easy said than done in practice, but if we are tactical and organized for maintaining the balance, the results are just joyous in nature. Being a bachelor or spinster will provide extra time for professional matters but the practice to strike balance has to commence from this stage itself.

In our life we usually perform and spent a very significant portion of our time for the things we are supposed to do (responsibility) and keep a very low portion for the things we love to do (enjoyment). Mixing the love to perform with the compulsory act will create a style of the person in life. Love your work and perform it in your manner to satisfy yourself (ie. keep ‘yourself’ as the parameter) will lead to excellence in your work and will gain you value for sure before others. As is said, the high level performance without expecting applause and positive results is seen by the God and he places the ranking for it before others. One key thing to understand in the professional life is the ‘volume of time spent’ matters very less compared to the ‘quality of time spent’. In the reverse, if time spent on an assignment is more, it shows the lesser effectiveness of the person (unless it is a clerical job).

Place the personal life as the first priority, because you have only one life to live and chill out. The professional life has to be synchronized with your personal life in manner that doesn’t affect your personal life adversely. If you have early morning commitments or late night commitments (which cannot be for 7 days a week for 365 days), use the other days to gain back your personal life. Also on the day of the commitment, do something personal to satisfy your earlier said prioritization. Planning and organizing your professional life can easily create the time for your personal life. Attend your personal calls at the break time, do not forget your regular diet (on time) and exercise, lower your official gossips, spend time for personal development (including new job search, new certifications, reading etc) in your daily work life are some matters which can surely create the balance. Do not bring work at home without high end requirement. When you are at your work, enjoy your work without interruption. Ensure with constant pace of time that professional life is quality oriented (with self appraisal at regular intervals) and brings you in demand in the place you are working.

As said by Sir Abraham Lincoln “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in yours years.”


Monday, 10 March 2014

Stay Motivated!!!

As quoted from Wikipedia ‘Motivation is the driving force that causes the flux from desire to will in life.

One question which is often asked in many interviews is the ability of the person to motivate others. To motivate a person to perform a certain work in a certain manner on time line basis and get the results expected is of great challenge and is an art of management. It includes the basics from motivational words, ‘tap on shoulder’, observation, incentive achievement, leading by example to getting a little ‘harsh’ in behavior (sometime negative motivation also works out!). Be genuine and the team member will definitely be motivated.

The organization often seeks for a team leader who has the ability to motivate the team members to constantly believe in the goals (coordinating with their own goals) and achieve it in a phased manner. The team being efficient is not enough, there has to be someone who co-ordinate the team by his motivational techniques for organizational goal achievement.

Motivation is not only meant for high end organizations. The term goes to the time any act or decision was made. Baby’s first walk is a motivation received from his/her parents, the development in school where the child talents are developed and brought out are classic acts and results of motivation. Achievement of every kind has some factor of motivation attached to it. The motivational concept depicted in the Hindi film ‘Taare Zameen Par’ where a child suffering from learning dyslexia is motivated by his teacher (played by the ever talented artist Aamir Khan) is a great example to remember. The classic example of the spider trying to weave its web with continuous efforts and in spite of its failures to weave many times can be inherited in our daily life. Check the surrounding- It is full of motivation.

I believe sometime fear and pain also act as a great and real source of motivation. Competition may also form a major source of motivation. Self motivation is the best source in which the person himself on his criterion places the targets or goals to be achieved and works earnestly with great enjoyment to achieve it. As said by Napoleon Hill- ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ When we are ourselves being self motivated, everything in the world can be achieved and there is no restriction to it.

Motivated to blog and blog constantly by self and my dearest wife.

The struggle you are facing today will develop your strength for tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Professional life-a gist

The key success for every function or work is, as we all may be aware, is the success or co-ordination in proper planning and related risk assessment, performance (to meet or excel the planning attributes) and monitoring and control. The aspect of whether control is more important than planning or vice versa is a debatable issue. The aforesaid parameters are what we have studied in our management classes and are practically very useful. Any work you perform- try to include a factor of planning and control. This will improve the productivity slowly but in an eminent way. In this world where all our professional related works are time line based, proper planning will lead us to organize our work, give priority classification to the work and execute the work in the ‘stylish’ way. Modern management is also nothing but co-ordination.

The most important of all the factors, than the factors mentioned above, is the inclination and attitude to take the initiative and perform the aforesaid aspects of management in daily life. It takes great efforts to make up your mind for initial move. Once you are into it, you will emerge as a champion as God helps the one who helps himself. One of the aims of daily routine should be to kill lethargy before it gets on to you. Love your work and be proud of its execution and results. Even mistakes done and teachings received from the superiors should be considered as gains for future course of success. Be well dressed, be serious with your work, obey timings and love your being there in your professional job.

As is said-No pains no gains. Have a successful professional life.

Friday, 7 March 2014


God has given us a unique capturing power, a unique sense to recall things, a unique way to remember and a unique way to learn and be informed. In our daily life, if one day goes without a learning, it is considered as not fruitful to us. Something 'new' has to be learnt by us every day. This should be our quest. It is not required to take any incremental efforts for learning. It comes to us as a part of our daily life. Keep a diary. Note the learning for the day, accumulate the learning and  read after a while. This will help us to better ourselves, be informed and to have presence of mind to a great extent.

In life, the things we come to know from various sources and the things we take effort to know help us to be informed. In this world, information is power. The guy who has information and who uses the same at the correct time gets the reasonable quid pro quo (consideration) most of the time. Do not disclose your information to persons or in places which doesn't deserve the disclosure.

Learning, information and basic instinct all are the biggest attributable for our knowledge. Share your knowledge with other persons for their well being. There is nothing better than to help others so that they can also learn, apply and develop themselves. Application of learning depends on the character appetite of a person.

Be a learner, be informative and do not let go your basic instinct.