Saturday, 8 March 2014

Professional life-a gist

The key success for every function or work is, as we all may be aware, is the success or co-ordination in proper planning and related risk assessment, performance (to meet or excel the planning attributes) and monitoring and control. The aspect of whether control is more important than planning or vice versa is a debatable issue. The aforesaid parameters are what we have studied in our management classes and are practically very useful. Any work you perform- try to include a factor of planning and control. This will improve the productivity slowly but in an eminent way. In this world where all our professional related works are time line based, proper planning will lead us to organize our work, give priority classification to the work and execute the work in the ‘stylish’ way. Modern management is also nothing but co-ordination.

The most important of all the factors, than the factors mentioned above, is the inclination and attitude to take the initiative and perform the aforesaid aspects of management in daily life. It takes great efforts to make up your mind for initial move. Once you are into it, you will emerge as a champion as God helps the one who helps himself. One of the aims of daily routine should be to kill lethargy before it gets on to you. Love your work and be proud of its execution and results. Even mistakes done and teachings received from the superiors should be considered as gains for future course of success. Be well dressed, be serious with your work, obey timings and love your being there in your professional job.

As is said-No pains no gains. Have a successful professional life.

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