Friday, 7 March 2014


God has given us a unique capturing power, a unique sense to recall things, a unique way to remember and a unique way to learn and be informed. In our daily life, if one day goes without a learning, it is considered as not fruitful to us. Something 'new' has to be learnt by us every day. This should be our quest. It is not required to take any incremental efforts for learning. It comes to us as a part of our daily life. Keep a diary. Note the learning for the day, accumulate the learning and  read after a while. This will help us to better ourselves, be informed and to have presence of mind to a great extent.

In life, the things we come to know from various sources and the things we take effort to know help us to be informed. In this world, information is power. The guy who has information and who uses the same at the correct time gets the reasonable quid pro quo (consideration) most of the time. Do not disclose your information to persons or in places which doesn't deserve the disclosure.

Learning, information and basic instinct all are the biggest attributable for our knowledge. Share your knowledge with other persons for their well being. There is nothing better than to help others so that they can also learn, apply and develop themselves. Application of learning depends on the character appetite of a person.

Be a learner, be informative and do not let go your basic instinct.


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