Monday, 11 January 2016

The magic of success !

Success – I believe in success. I dream success. The only way to allow success to happen in our lives mostly is to slog at the highest pitch. No pains no gains. I have seen success happening. Success of life comes to the determined guy. Take that extra step and come to the world you deserve to be (the real success of life)

The parameter of what success means to you has to be determined by you and not by the rest of the world.

When some very positive event occurs in our life from any source considered Godly (supernatural), we believe magic is happening. Magic can be a result of luck, yet the luck comes only to guy who the Almighty thinks to be eligible to receive the same. These positive events in your lives can occur through achieving success and that comes only through determination and hard work.

I have seen people performing their routine consistently and thereby reaching success. Success is not the ultimate result, but it act as a catalyst for further successes in life. It is not required that you have to work 24times7 to reach the milestone of success. The right way according to me to achieve success is to be focused, plan and re-plan, keep trying without failure, do what you have to do, DON’T GET BOGGED DOWN, slog, take time for yourself, relax, pray and enjoy (we are all humans and we have the full right in this world to enjoy the beauty of life) and in due course, success will come to us without fail. Failures are the integral part of any worthy success and each failure provide the step for learning and to make the additional effort towards reaching the beauty of success. You can work a lot, yet failure may touch you. Do not get dishearten (which is very easy to get), have courage to face the world, slog higher and for sure success will be achieved.

Slogging is always a combination of extremely hard work and enjoying the moment of hard work. Some people are of the view that smart work will lead to success. If hard work was the only criterion towards success, probably the manual laborers would be the most successful people. Success is personal to oneself, if one has reached the results and more on what he was expecting to achieve, success is reached. It may not always be related to becoming famous.

Amassing huge quantity of wealth may not lead to your success criterion always. Success is unique combination of determination, hard work and luck.

Hoping everyone to reach their success paradigms consistently.- Love, laugh and live..