Saturday, 10 January 2015

Me, Myself and Who am I

The aspect about me, myself and Who am I are questions which we all happened to ask ourselves at least once if not on a regular basis in our lives.  Quite often when we are faced with challenges in our lives, this question becomes relevant (also the question 'why me'). But one thing for sure, I am grateful for this life that God has given me.

 Who Am I - I am the person created by the Almighty to serve His will and perform righteous acts to the extent possible.

What is right?- is a question often determined by judgement but to me it is Godly..God's will again..

There are often situations in our lives which calls for very quick decisions without further discussions. At those point of time, decisions taken by us are mostly govern by our inner will and our aptitude look at things. We do not have control over the next moment in our lives which is, has been and will be governed by the willingness of the Almighty. We however have to plan each day in our life in a manner not just to complete our days routine but to achieve a little inner satisfaction. How's that - Do something to say that you have done something out of the box. It may be singing a song, going to gym, spending time with your family etc..etc..Also never leave your basics (your natural outlook towards things) whatever situations you may fall into.

Am I a person who can make any change in this world? Mahatma Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world." Live your life in a way you can be kind and enjoy the most out of your professional/working life, personal life, family life, social life etc.. but within the purview of obedience and self discipline. This in turn automatically will lead to change in your lives. Be calm, do your karma and never work to get the best recognition out of it..If you do the best, ultimately the best will be bestowed upon you..

As said in a song in a Hindi film and as we pray to the Almighty.."Tu apni nazar hum par rakna..kis haal mein hai yeh khabar rakhna.." (Oh Almight, kindly keep an eye on us and ensure our well being)

After we are gone from this world our dear and near ones beckons us through the beautiful either sweet or sorrow moments of our lives. Be a champion and live like a champion..

Stay blessed and happy..